The Bunker Studio

The Bunker Studio is a 3000 square foot recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC that is owned and operated by producer/musicians John Davis and Aaron Nevezie. We are committed to preserving the art and science of analog recording and mixing, and understand the needs of musicians in terms of sound, space, and sightlines. The Bunker was built to avoid the clinical and sterile feel that many high end studios have, yet to offer a quality of acoustics, instrument, microphone, and gear choices far beyond the reaches of a typical home studio.

The new space was opened in November 2011 and was designed by Rod Gervais. Studio A easily allows for live tracking of large ensembles with excellent sight lines and isolation. The huge live room with 25′ ceilings, string and rhythm rooms and iso booth each have their own unique character and provide inspiring acoustic environments in which to play.

Studio B is a great smaller tracking room, overdub and production studio with a large control room with natural light. The live room is 230sqft with 12 ft ceilings and is home to the Yamaha upright piano and is plenty big enough for group tracking, rock drums, a string quartet or anything else that doesn’t require multiple rooms.

Our microphone collection is one of the best in Brooklyn and features a number of the classic choices including Neumann U47, U67 (3), CMV563 (2), SM2, UM57 vintage tube microphones, RCA 44, 77 (3), 74, Coles 4038 (2) ribbon mics, Neumann U47Fet (2), U87 (3), U77, AKG414 (2) condenser microphones. The Bunker’s extensive instrument selection covers the gamut of pianos, vintage keyboards, analogue synthesizers, drums kits and amps. The full lists can been viewed here microphones and instruments.

The digital rig is a ProTools 10 HD system with 40 channels of analog i/o with Lynx Aurora converters, which gives an excellent sounding mixing rig with plenty of i/o for even the most complex sessions. We also offer Iz Corp Radar 24 as an alternate digital option and a 24 track 2″ Studer A80 for analog sessions. The combination and seamless integration of Radar, analog tape, ProTools HD, vintage outboard and our SSL 4040E console provides awesome sound quality and flexibility.

We endeavor to keep our rates as low as possible to make the studios accessible to independent artists along with providing a high level facility for major and indie labels. As part of the Brooklyn music scene we offer a recording home base for many local producers, bands and musicians. We’ve also become a destination studio tracking projects from all over the world and have mixed for clients based in Japan, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Downloadable PDFs of Studio A and Studio B layout. Studio A Setup Sheet and Studio B Setup Sheet for outside engineers.