Studio A Gear List


SSLĀ 4040E Mixing Console with Automan Automation
Fully refurbished by Sonic Circus 2013.
40 Channels. 88 returns at mix.


Westlake LC3w12 with Bryston 4B
Yamaha NS10m with Bryston 2B
Auratone 5C
Mytek Private Q headphone system


Studer A80 2″ 24 track analog multitrack
ProTools 10 HD3 Accel DAW
Logic Pro 9 DAW
Ableton Live 8
40 channels of analog i/o with 3 Lynx Aurora 16
Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad-Core computer
iZ Corp RADAR24 24 track digital multitrack/editor
Studer A810 1/4″ 2 track recorder

Preamps & EQ

SSL 4040E preamps 40 channels
Neve BAE 1084 (14)
Neve BAE 1073 (2)
Neve 5012 Portico (4)
EMI REDD 47 Tube Pre Custom (4)
Api 512c (4)
Api 550 parametric EQ (2)
Api 560 graphic EQ (2)
Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
Dangerous Music BAX Stereo EQ
Pultec EQP-1A Tube EQ
SansAmp Rackmount Distortion
Avalon U5 Class A direct box (2)
AudioTechnica phantom power supply

Additional floating mic pres available by request
Eisen Audio Custom John Hardy 990 circuit (4)
EMI REDD 47 Tube Pre Custom (2)


Ecoplate III plate reverb
Bricasti M7 digital reverb
Lexicon 200 digital reverb
AKG BX-5 spring reverb
Eventide H3000 multi-fx
Lexicon PCM41 digital delay
Korg SDD1000 digital delay
Roland RE-101 Space Echo
Roland DC30 analog echo/chorus
Moog 500 series analog delay
Moog 500 series ladder filter (2)
Ibanez AD202 analog delay
Yamaha SPX90 fx/reverb
Pigtronix Keymaster guitar pedal interface


Gates Sta-Level vari-mu tube compressor
Gates SA-39B tube compressor/limiter
Gates Solidstatesman broadcast limiter
Federal AM864/U tube limiter (2)
Retro 176 tube compressor/limiter
Department of Commerce CA 1529 tube limiter
Manley Vari-Mu Stereo Tube Compressor
Drawmer 1968ME stereo tube compressor
SSL4000 stereo compressor by Camilo Silva
Neve 33609 stereo compressor/limiter
UA 1176 Rev D compressor/limiter
UA 1176 bluestripe compressor/limiter clone
UREI 1178 stereo compressor
UREI LA-4 opto compressor (2)
Daking FETIII stereo compressor
Daking FET compressor
API 525 (vintage)
Spectra Sonics 610 Complimiter
DBX 160a (3)
Standard Audio Level-Or
Symetrix 501
SPL Transient Designer 4 channel
Empirical Labs Derresser
SSL limiter/compressor & gate (40 channels)
SSL 4000 G Series Console Stereo Bus compressor


SoundToys TDM FX V4
SoundToys Decapitator
SoundToys DevilLoc Deluxe
SoundToys Little Radiator
Waves Gold Native Bundle
Waves CLA-2A
Waves CLA-3A
Waves CLA-76
Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter
Massey CT 4
Massey CT 5
Massey De-Esser
Massey TD 5
Massey THC
Izotope Vinyl
reFuse Lowender
Digidesign Sound Replacer
Celemony Melodyne
PSP Vintage Warmer
Slate Trigger 2
Valhalla Room

Studio A Setup Sheet for outside engineers.