Studio B Gear List


Neve 8058 console (loaded 24 channels) 28 channels at mixdown


Westlake LC 3w10 with Bryston 4B
Yahama NS10m with Bryston 2B
Auratone 5C
Mytek Private Q headphone system


Protools 10 HD2 Accel DAW
32 channels of analog i/o with 2 Lynx Aurora 16
Ableton Live 8
Ampex 440 2 track 1/4″ tape machine

Preamps & EQ

Neve 31102 preamps/EQ in console (24)
EMI REDD 47 Tube Mic Pre Custom (2)
API 512c (4)
Daking 52270 Mic Pre/EQ Trident A range
ShinyBox Si 500 series transformerless (2)
Focusrite Trakmaster (2)
UREI 564 Stereo EQ


Retro 176 tube compressor/limiter
Federal AM-864 tube compressor
UA 1176 compressor/limiter
UA 1176 Bluestripe compressor/limiter clone
UREI LA-4 opto compressor (2)
API 525 compressor (vintage)
DBX 160VU (2)
DBX 160A (2)
DBX 160X
Daking FETIII Stereo Compressor
Drawmer 1968 Stereo Compressor
SSL4000 Stereo Compressor clone
Valley People Dyna-Mite gate/expander (4)
SPL Transient Designer 4 channel
Orban De-esser
Focusrite Trakmaster (2)
Empirical Labs Derresser


Bricasti M7 reverb
Lexicon 200 digital reverb (2)
Lexicon PCM80 reverb-fx
Eventide H3000 D/SE multi-fx
Eventide H3000 B multi-fx
Yamaha SPX90 fx/reverb
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Deltalab Effectron 1024
Deltalab Effectron 256
Moog 500 series Ladder Filter (2)
Boss RX-100 Spring Reverb


Yamaha P22 upright piano