Microphone List

Placid Audio Copperphone
Placid Audio Copperphone Mini
Royer 121 ribbon (2)
RCA 44BX ribbon (2)
RCA 77D ribbon (3)
RCA 77B ribbon
RCA 74 ribbon
RCA Varacoustic ribbon
Sennheiser 441 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (4)
Sennheiser e602 (2)
Sennheiser e604 (3)
Sennheiser e609
Shure SM7 (2)
Shure SM57 (6)
Shure SM58 (2)
Shure Beta87
Random lo-fi mic collection

Avalon U5 Class A direct box (2)
Retrospec Juicebox Active Tube DI
Wolfbox Passive DI
Radial JDI Stereo Passive DI
Radial JDI Passive DI (2)
Radial Pro DI
Radial ProRMP Reamp
Radial SGI (2)
Whirlwind 4 Channel Passive DI

Studio A Setup Sheet and Studio B Setup Sheet for outside engineers. Microphones are shared between Studio A and B.
If you need certain mics for your session please make a request with plenty of notice.
Equipment availability is subject to change without notice.