Review of our Redd47 mic pres in Tape Op

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 in Gear, Studio
Review of our Redd47 mic pres in Tape Op

Brad Williams wrote this review for Tape Op magazine of our Redd47 build. It makes interesting reading especially if you build your our audio gear. 47 ULTRA Preamp PC Board by Drip Electronics REVIEWED BY BRAD WILLIAMS In a majority of cases, the absolute worst motive for undertaking a DIY electronics project is “cost savings.” […]

1178 and other toys

Posted on Aug 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
1178 and other toys

Recently added to the gear in Studio A is a Urei 1178 stereo compressor. Also a Level-Or for Studio B and another pair of Neumann KM84’s and AKG 452’s.

Neve 8058 coming to the B Room

Posted on Dec 23, 2013 in Gear, Studio
Neve 8058 coming to the B Room

A Neve 8058 console will be coming to the B Room early next year! One of the most sought after tracking/mixing consoles, the 8058 functions as an inline console giving access to all 24 mic pres with EQ when recording. This particular 8058 is loaded with 24 channels of 33102 modules plus 8 returns, and […]

New Monitors and Amps in Studios A and B!

Posted on Aug 13, 2012 in Gear, Studio
New Monitors and Amps in Studios A and B!

Monitors might not be the most exciting thing, but they are in many ways the most critical part of the signal chain.  In the last few weeks we’ve made some huge upgrades to our monitoring situation in both studios, from the smallest speakers, to the largest! Both Studio A and B now have vintage Auratones […]

Studio B is open

Posted on Dec 6, 2011 in Gear, Studio

The B room is now up and running at The Bunker. The finish work really came together nicely and the live room features Quadratic Residue Diffusers, made by our good friend Brad Williams, which not only look like a crazy art project but make the room sound excellent. The Yamaha upright piano will move into […]

Walk through #3

Posted on Oct 23, 2011 in Studio, Videos

We’re getting close to finished with the build out of Bunker 2.0. Acoustic treatment is going up in all the rooms and wiring is ready for the console install. We are finishing fabric, putting in glass and wood slats next week. As we clean, the old factory concrete slab floors are looking amazing. It’s going […]

Moving day approaching

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 in Studio

We have been working super hard to get the new studio up and running for October. Sheetrocking is almost done and we start finish work and acoustic treatment this week. It’s looking amazing and will be a unique room in Brooklyn and unlike anything built in NYC in many years. The A Live room is […]

The Bunker acquires an amazing new space!

Posted on Mar 30, 2011 in Gear, Studio

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have found an amazing new space, just a few blocks from our current location. We are working with Rod Gervais on the studio design, and it will offer over 4 times the floor space, high ceilings, and two full studios, but still have the same vibe, […]